I just did it. After weeks of obsessing over the decision of where to go to school (to my dismay, I actually go into all 6 programs to which I applied), after thinking the deliberation was between Rutgers and UT and then getting a surprise acceptance from UChicago……,,,,then it clicked. Rutgers has been my first choice all along,but I started to be a little apprehensive.

UChicago it is. It’s official. After booking a flight to Columbus and paying my $250 deposit just now, my bank accounts are frighteningly wiped out, but it’s alright. I’m going to one of the best Social Work programs anywhere in the Fall!

Now, my tax return better hurry up and arrive so I can pay May rent.

I’m so relieved to have this decision made.

Tomorrow is my Friday hike with Shane. I simultaneously want to confirm with him that I think of him as a boyfriend (we still haven’t had that talk, though we act like boyfriends in every way) and share with him my news that I’m going to Chicago at the end of the summer. It’s a bit absurd. I should have clarified the boyfriend bit sooner. Is there a point now? For me there is. We still have the whole summer to spend together, and my feelings for the guy have grown deeper.

But, for now, let me just scream, “Chicago! U Chicago!”