SXSW 2014 has come and gone. I am still working on my final blog entry for EDGE, but anyhow, despite loving the festival experience (duh, film festivals are my heaven on earth AND this one included an onslaught of music, in addition) I was overwhelmed and ready for its conclusion. This past week and a half has been intense and memorable for me for reasons beyond the festival, as well. First of all, acceptances to Social Work programs have been coming in. I’m at 4 now, but I am really focusing on 2 of them; and now that the festival is over I am launching into untangling the mysteries of financial assistance and frantically attempting to determine which program would be the best for me before the deadline to commit (one program has the audacity to demand a commitment in two weeks, well ahead of the “universal” April 15 deadline). Relatedly, as I make my way around Austin, I am trying to warm up to the idea of spending another 2 years in this city in which I am becoming restless.

Of course, one obvious benefit of remaining here is that I wouldn’t have to say farewell to the magnanimous man with whom I am growing more and more smitten. He is the other memorable part of this past couple of weeks. He had a SX music wristband, so he was mostly doing music while I was doing film, but we planned some convergence time; and it was a lovely continuation of our Free Week bonding (series of concerts when we first met). I followed his lead to a variety of free music offerings during the day, between screenings (and suggested one or two myself, including Paper Lions at the Canada House on Dirty Sixth). And he made it into “Wild Canaries” with me, an enjoyable Brooklyn sleuth-comedy. More significantly, he articulated his affection for me in a very vivid way throughout the week. He missed having more face time with me. Last night I returned to the saloon (his place), and before going to sleep beside him he told me that he has never felt this level of emotional and intellectual connection with a guy, and it’s exciting. Earlier in the week he also told me, upon me expressing regret for being enervated while we watched music, that he always loves my company, even when I’m not at 100 % and that “bland” is the last thing he could conceive of me as. I have sort of been rehearsing what I want to tell him as I am bussing around town, or lying in bed. I did manage to tell him that I feel an intuitive connection to him. Man, I really like this guy. I told him I want us to carry on; maybe next time we hang I’ll actually manage to tell him that I want to call him my boyfriend ha.    Oh, and he wants to camp! We discussed it (not for the first time) in between kisses at the edge of the woods while the queer punk of the GayBiGayGay event played (we agreed that the music was disappointingly infantile, but we had a grand time just the same).

I have a bundle of Turkish films to watch (and thoughts of returning there for the summer if I do decide to go to school locally) for an article on the Boston Turkish Film Festival, but I have to prioritize corresponding with schools and applying for funding. Oh, I’m also mindful to enjoy my film writing now because it will likely fall to the wayside next year when I’m a Social Work student. Sacrifices: I’m ready for them.