…..And while reading Kashua on the night owl last night I ran into _______ (horribly, I can’t recall his name), this energized UT student who I find quite captivating because of his interests. We hung out twice several months back, and I run into him on the bus from time to time because he’s a Hyde Park resident. He’s a Chinese-American guy whose major is Arabic, an Egyptaphile, who lived in Cairo and Alexandria and knows all about translations of Mahfouz (who I was reading last time we ran into each other). And apparently he knows bits of Turkish and Persian,too. Him mentioning that just reminded me how much of a linguistic underachiever I am. Ugh. I need to get with it: French, Turkish. Come on.      We talked about the epic snow in Cairo and Jerusalem. Apparently, it’s the first time there’s been snow in Cairo for 112 years (????!)

Side note: I just ate 3 chocolate covered cherries while writing this, despite having plans for preparing sweet rice ‘n milk. I’m a hog. Indian buffet tomorrow.