I have been at this (lovely) coffeeshop for 3.5 hours- time for me to venture out into the night. I just want to comment first on how thoroughly writing, when I become immersed in it, wipes out my loneliness/inertia. At home, I was feeling quite alone, purposeless, and despaired. And productivity seemed a galaxy away. But I actually made significant  headway on the story I have been struggling with, and I feel so much better now. Amazing.

Observation: On the bus, a young-ish (late 20’s?) Black woman with a sleeping 4 or 5 year old on her lap sat across from me. A middle-aged white woman dropped a bill (money) on her lap as she exited the bus. I thought, ‘how strange’ because the woman didn’t look particularly poor or young to be a mother. She wasn’t begging or obviously in need of assistance. Isn’t it odd that this woman dropped money on her? The mother seemed unphased- neither offended nor particularly appreciative. She simply put the money in her purse.

I submitted a story to Glimmer Train last night, despite my third rejection from them last year making me despair and declare that I would give up on them. I do think that my stories are becoming cleaner. I’m excited about my consultation with Write By Night (a writers’ resource that a classmate at Grub Street informed me about). I hope that I can find some sort of community there, and maybe down the line I can afford manuscript consultation. I’m even thinking in terms of people who can write the letters of reference I will need for another round of MFA applications, though I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.

Also, related to writing, I’m happy to have connected with Scott Heim (whose fiction I adore) on facebook. I didn’t realize he lives in the Boston area, and I”m kicking myself for not thinking to connect with him while I was living there. He actually seems interested in being acquainted. He ‘liked’ the new photo I uploaded,ha. I must be more assertive, proactive. Yes.