Ah, the cruelty! I jumped with excitement when I saw a craigslist posting for a staff film critic position, but then I read on and realized that it is for a faith-based publication, and they want you to analyze the films in terms of God’s message. I must up the ante on my rather lackadaisical job search.

The good news is that I have made progress on my short stories and have began submitting places. They are getting shorter and more lucid! But I am struggling with the Parviz story, the one I have high hopes for. I had decided to use third person and to alternate perspectives. But when I actually started writing yesterday, I unthinkingly went into first person, and now that makes more sense to me (at least for the part I am working on now, not sure about the subsequent scenes yet….this one’s a bit complex- requires more planning than my usual style).

Apparently, I have the body of an Eritrean! On the ‘Where do you land on the global scale of BMI?’ survey, I scored the very bottom- that is, the country with the lowest BMI. I knew I was skinny, but damn….

I booked a flight to go visit the fam in a month’s time.

There is a guy here who looks very much like my pal Duval. I have seen him twice on the bus, and Duval and I agree he is the nice doppelganger. He makes change for strangers. Like Duval, he has an endearing mustache (is there a such thing as an un-endearing one? I suppose so).