Perhaps a sign that I am, in some ways, a sociable person: I love bringing people together, which is to say that I love introducing separate friends to each other and watching them hit it off. I mentally brought Steven (coworker for a week and a half, before he gave up on Trader Joe’s) and Rafael (film festival volunteer) together when Steven asked me about where he could find smoke-able green stuff, and I remembered Rafael making such a trip to the South End last time we met up. But they are meant to be friends: both into books and queer and feminist theory, indie sensibility and fun sense of humor- both with boyfriends but looking to make new friends in the city. Love playing friend matchmaker (Mom and I joked about me being a matchmaker on the phone yesterday because I told her that Laura and Huseyin are getting married today, and she commented on my role in the whole thing- persuading Laura to come to Turkey with me) and last night was a grand fun time. Ate, smoked, joked, and laughed at “Gayby”, one of the festival selections that Raf and I had to catch up on. The actress with the puffy cheeks!

It’s a bit awkward making new friends as one is preparing to leave town (and breaking the news to them). Of course, I’m excited and project that, but I also want to sincerely convey that I regret having to leave them as part of the deal (I feel guilty if I act too excited; I have to offer the caveat that it’s unfortunate to leave certain aspects of Beantown behind). Such conflicting emotions! I’m psyched about Austin but also quite nervous about starting over socially and finding a full time job. Still haven’t booked a flight but have been trolling the cheap flight sites and will make that move over the weekend. Oh yeah, I finally got to see Mehrdad again, and it turns out that Austin is one of the three possibilities for his relocation! He commented that it would be beyond ‘funny’- more like destiny for fate if we both ended up there. He’s awaiting offers from hospitals in Missoula, Austin, and Santa Barbara (which would be nearest his parents).

A compelling character on the T yesterday: An African-American man standing firmly erect with an extremely serious, almost hostile (nostrils flared)  look on his face, staring forward. Farmer’s garb: work boots, filthy blue work pants and long sleeve brown shirt, and a large plastic bag full of lettuce.