This afternoon I tested out the bathroom facility at the Jamaica Plain branch of the public library. It’s a small, one stall-er in the basement, much more pleasant and private than the dirty, busy mess at the Copley (main branch) library. But when I rounded the corner, after exiting, I noticed  a long strip of toilet paper dangling from the waist of my pants. Ahhh! It reminded me of the first time that happened at an all night (or did it close at 4 AM?) coffeeshop in Vancouver. The barista was kind enough to gently point out that I had toilet paper trailing me. I was mortified. I think it happens because I feel pressure and rush when I know people are waiting for the bathroom. So, relax, people….(really it’s my mental problem)

In Harvard Square I had a black cherry bubble tea (delicious) while working on my next film festival blog entry (on the pre-festival dvd’s I watched). Today was the much anticipated first day of IFF Boston, and I have to say that I think I hit an early climax. Both films I saw this evening blew me away (in completely different ways, except that they both involved humor and a crazy mix of emotions). I can’t imagine anything topping them. “Liberal Arts” is precisely the kind of Amerindie that i can appreciate- witty, emotionally resonant….But, man, “The Imposter”. I have never been so gripped/in suspense while watching a documentary- the consummate embodiment of the ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ adage. Deeply disturbing- I was kind of getting cold chills recounting it to Joy. Onto film blogging!

“The ears don’t match” is a line that sticks in my mind- from a comical scene in which a good ole boy private investigator explains how he first came to realize that the young man claiming to be Nicholas was an imposter. Nevermind that his eyes are brown, and Nicholas’s were blue. Such a bizarre, chilling, and emotional story (I felt as bad for him as for the deceived white trash family, even before they seemed suspicious).