It is disturbingly easy to fall out of (even non-frequent) blogging habits, it seems. Well, I’m back. I just returned from a week visiting family (with renewed focus and determination to be more productive and to find suitable employment). I was in a poetic mood during the pleasingly quiet and uncramped flight, strangely comforted by the dense constellation of golden lights through0ut the night sky, the ebullient arrows of raindrops illumined over the plane’s wing, and the reflection of the latest issue of Film Comment (image from “Kid with a Bike” on the cover) on my lap. Film Comment and ginger ale are my flying staples. This time, descending into Boston, I appreciated the way we curved over the waterline for quite some time. I imagined the pilot was teasing us. With a little imagination, it seemed we were slowly and sinuously descending into the bay. It was a pleasing landing.

But, of course, more significant than all that was the fact that I got to meet my new nephew, Aiden, and visit with the others. Needless to say, Aiden and Evan are a force to be reckoned with. We fought it out in the back yard, the living room. I lifted them onto the dog house roof (they seem to get a thrill out of being elevated) and threw various balls (and berries) to/at them, stood back and watched through the window as they blasted each other with the water hose, tickle-attacked, spun them around upside down, gave them the leftover material when I cut off the pants I scored at Goodwill (so they could make masks, mostly an endeavor that Evan was enthusiastic about), and read to them a bit when it was bedtime (revisiting the Berenstein bears). A renewed appreciation- I’m amazed that Sis keeps up with them. My moods are such that sometimes I can immerse myself in their jest/energy, and sometime I need to be in my own mind and can’t quite meet them at their playing point.

Mom is hopeful that her operation is going to make it much easier for her to get around once she recovers. I’m eager for her pain to subside and for her to be mobile and free from pain. Just before I left for the airport, she braided my diminishing tail for me. Braiding it makes it fall out, but it’s too much of a nuisance unbraided.

Next time I visit, Dad will no longer be in Gastonia. That will be strange, but, of course, I’m happy for him. In May, he’ll move into the Oriental home. I’ll have to find my way there. We chatted as we normally do, largely about my current aspirations and projects. I feel a bit bad about fixating on my desire to move to Austin. It must have grown exhausting for him, but I sort of fuel my own enthusiasm as I speak…He is supportive. He read my interview with Iraqi filmmaker Oday Rasheed when it finally went up on EDGE. The timing of the visit was actually a bit awkward because I had taken on a lot of writing jobs (I was late with a couple of reviews but no big deal) and needed to work on the program for the LGBT fest, but it all worked out. It’s lame that I missed out on my chance to skype with Oday. He popped up when Laura, Huseyin, and me were fulfilling our skype date with our Istanbul bud, Shona (on the UNCC campus because their new apartment wasn’t wired for wi-fi yet), but I had to awkwardly explain that I couldn’t talk to him then. I was just so moved by his film, “Qarantina”, and wanted to find out more about his thought process. The film is brazenly feminist, and I also wondered (a secondary concern) about his sexuality. I wanted to have a more intimate connection with this amazing artist from Iraq, but the timing was off….

Anyway, there are leads to pursue…Boston or Austin or both. I’ve got to find a new way to apply myself.