Gosh, cutting words is painful. This application process is good for me because it’s forcing me to revise like I never have before- I mean really going through and weeding out those words that are too academic or that weigh done their sentences needlessly. I think my story has improved considerably, and it’s worth the injured pride or indignation that results when a stranger reacts with revulsion at certain sentences/instances of verbosity (this counterbalanced by other positive critique, for example, regarding the characterization- which I consider key).

Part of me despairs at the objections I confront regarding what I consider poetic language.  I like that literature is (or should be) allowed to elevate the everyday. Expression needn’t be simplistic, straightforward. I know it has to be done well, and upon re-reading my writing, I can see that I overreach sometimes.  I mean, I create a density that turns out being counterproductive, clouding things more than deepening descriptions.  However, I think one should be allowed to be playful with language and to use a style that is not grounded in everyday realism…..Anyway, to be continued….

I am preparing to submit my first application tonight- a momentous occasion (with the idea that the ones to follow should be a bit easier). Now if I can only figure out the shortcut way to change my double spacing to single. I already lost my cool a bit while trying to solve this issue in this coffeeshop (1369 in Central Sq), so I am going to wait until I am in the privacy of my bedroom, so no one will glare at me if my face turns red and transmogrifies.

I love the London Fog here, and I bought a box of masala chai packets at the Indian grocery down the street. I just don’t get enough of that stuff from two buffet days a week.